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JONES, Geoffrey Burrett Died peacefully on July 6, 2012 , in Victoria, B.C. He was born on May 2, 1928 , in Calgary, Alberta. Predeceased by his wife of 48 years, Mary; Geoffrey is survived by his children, Ted (Susana) and Bronwen (Mark); his grandchildren, Gisela and Fernando and his three nieces, Wendy (Pat), Carol and Susan. A Memorial Service will be held in MCCALL BROS. FLORAL CHAPEL, Johnson & Vancouver Streets, on Saturday, July 21, 2012 at 2:30 pm with a reception to follow in McCall's Family Centre. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC. Condolences may be offered to the family at McCall Bros.

Times-Colonist Obituary

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Geoff observed the night sky from his home in Oak Bay using his Mead LX-200 10" SCT. He also used his William Optic Red Anniversary edition apochromatic refractor for grab-and-go observing.  Geoff was learning astrophotography using his Canon Digital Rebel dSLR, and had some success - see his online gallery.

Geoff helped Victoria Centre run Astronomy Caf� held on Monday evenings in Fairfield, and was a regular at this social event for amateur astronomers. Geoff also attended several RASCals Star Parties. His cheerful disposition was always valued by his fellow amateur astronomers.

Geoff actively supported the creation of Victoria Centre's Observatory (VCO) atop Observatory Hill in 2008.

"Thank you to Geoff Jones, a member who opened his house to the Technical Committee, so testing of the Paramount ME, computer systems and weather station could take place in town. Geoff's generosity enabled the Committee to complete their work in record time."

President Joe Carr at the dedication of the Victoria Centre Observatory, August 18, 2008.

Geoff at the VCO in 2008

Charles Banville, Nelson Walker,
Bruno Quenneville, Geoff Jones

Geoff Jones, Charles Banville, Malcolm Scrimger
tacking on tarpaper - roof fully retracted

Michel Michaud, Charles Banville,
Geoff Jones & Bruno Quenneville
standing proud by the new pier

Geoff Jones approves the final
level of the pier

John and Geoff review the installation

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Condolences & Memories

I�m saddened to hear about the passing of Geoff. Geoff hosted Astronomy Caf� for some years and I always looked forward to meeting him on Mondays. My condolences to his family.

Charles Banville
Everyone who interacted with Geoff at the RASC greatly enjoyed his company and approach to life. He earned that wide respect by being truly an exceptionally nice person. He will be missed by his many friends in the RASC.

Jim Hesser

I am extremely pleased to have met and built up a lasting friendship with Geoffrey at astronomy cafe over the past two years. We had much in common by both of us being widowers and the love of astronomy.

I always placed the high chair at the corner of the table for Geoffrey to sit on at astronomy cafe and always enjoyed seeing him come into the room with his bright shining smile and wonderful uplifting words of continuous encouragement. Bronwen and Mark you had a wonderful father and please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of your father's death.

Dennis McMunn

I was saddened and shocked to learn from the Ham Radio community net on Monday 23rd and the RASC Victoria list that Jeff had passed. His interest in his hobbies as well as many others made him unique. His unfettered desire to explore our universe, communicate via radio and his stories were always entertaining and educational.

His presence in our community and others will be greatly missed.

Malcolm Scrimger
I am very sad to hear this news. He was a kind and gentle soul, and was always able to make me smile.
He will be missed.

I am deeply saddened to hear Jeff�s passing. He was a kind and gentle person. His infectious smile will certainly be missed by all.

Sid Sidhu
I'm so sorry to hear about Jeff ..... he always had a good word and a smile.

Nelson Walker

I am so sorry to hear of Geoff's passing. He was a kind and gentle person. He was a friendly face at welcome tables for the RASC at the open houses in Fairfield, and at Astronomy days. He will be missed.

Happy observing out there, Geoff.

Lauri Roche, President, RASC Victoria Centre

Geoff was a dear and close friend, I will miss him......... I have many great memories, too many to highlight here, but his encouragement and efforts on the VCO project inspired all of us to pursue the vision.

Bruno Quenneville

Like many other members of the Victoria Centre, I always looked forward to checking up with Geoff at Astronomy Cafe and other centre activities. A couple of years ago, he bought remote observation time through the internet, so that our inclement weather and the vicissitudes of advancing age could not prevent him from observing. And his work and advice constituted a real and important contribution to the creation of the VCO.

I am genuinely sad to hear of his passing, but I am glad that he was a member of our centre and a friend of ours.

Chris Gainor, 2nd VP, RASC National

Geoff was unfailingly kind and enthusiastic. It's very sad to hear of his passing.

Jim Cliffe

Sorry to hear that. We will all remember Geoff's generosity and his contributions to our group.

David Lee
Geoff was genuine and infectiously happy; I will miss his always friendly hello.

Brian Robilliard
I agree with everything John said. I always looked forward to seeing Geoff; he had a smile and enthusiasm that were infectious.

Condolences to Geoff's family. He will be missed by all.

Sherry Buttnor

Geoff was one of the happiest guys I ever met, always with a smile on his face and a question to ask about astronomy gear or something else he had come across. I think it gave everyone a lift when he walked into a room. I know we loved to see him walk in to Astronomy Cafe and show us the latest gadget he had found. We will miss him a lot.

John McDonald

I have to smile every time I remember Geoff.  Like me, he was a dedicated techno-dweeb - always fascinated with the latest electronic gadget. We often traded experiences within the two groups we both belonged to: Big Blue and Cousins (computer users' group) and (later) at RASC Victoria Centre.  Astronomy is custom made for people like Geoff (and I), who want to keep learning about new things, but are dedicated to using electronics and other gadgets we either buy or make.  Geoff mastered all this gadgetry despite his advanced age, and was always eager to take on more.  Geoff was also a consummate volunteer in both groups, and contributed valuable time and effort to his fellow members. 

Mostly, I will remember Geoff's good humour and his laugh.  He was a great guy and a good friend, and he will be missed.  To his family, please accept my heartfelt condolences.

Joe Carr

I was very sorry to hear of Geoff's passing; he was a good friend, and we shared a number of dinners together. I will miss him and his presence at the meetings.

T. Rand Collins

It was with great sadness that we read of Mr. Jones� passing. He was always such a sweet man when he came to the office.
He will be missed by all
Nadine- MOA
Kari � LPN
Dr. Peter Pommerville
Renza Brown � Can-Med clinical research

Dr. Pommerville's office

I am so sorry for your loss, Bronwen and Mark. I never met your father but I can see your resemblance to him from the photo. I am sure you will have many happy family memories to treasure.


Mark & Bronwen:

So sorry to hear of your Dad�s passing. Somehow, we missed the obituary or we would have attended the service. Lally let us know. I am sure you will miss him very much.

Anne & Vic Bley

Bronwen and Mark

Your father and I knew each other from our frequent locker-room chance encounters and chats at the Oak Bay Rec Centre.
I thoroughly enjoyed our brief exchanges � Geoff was always courteous, positive and enthusiastic about the varied topics of the day. He always made you feel better for the time shared.
But he was happiest when speaking of his children � he spoke of you often and clearly was very proud of you both.
Like all who enjoyed his gentle and caring presence at the Centre, I will miss him and remember him fondly.
My sincerest condolences,

Darrell Wells

Dear Geoff,

Well, we weren�t quite ready for you to leave us.
I don�t know any 84 year olds that still went to the gym regularly. And I don�t know any 84 year olds that played golf up until recently. ( You must have known they were closing of the clubhouse!) And I don�t know any 84 year olds that were so passionate about their
I Pad and actually knew how to use it! Then there was your astronomy! It was almost too hard to keep up with you!
I will miss sharing all those great shots of life in the sky. I will miss the pictures and updates of Ostara. And I will miss hearing how proud you were of Ted and Bronwen and their families. And it was so refreshing to hear how good they were to you.
I will truly miss our lunches together. You were always so positive and always a gentleman!
But most of all, I am sad that I missed telling you how much those lunches meant to me. I am sad that I missed telling you how much I treasured your loyalty and friendship.
So Thank You Geoff for being that shining star in my universe while you were here with us. Now when I look up into the evening sky I know you will be the shining star up there in your new universe.

Sincerely yours and hugs as always,
Annette Quan


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