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Astronomical images from members of the Victoria Centre

For current astrophotos and sketches, please refer to:

Zenfolio RASC Victoria Centre Astrophoto Galleries



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Galleries of astro-photographs from our members
(Bolded indicates currently active)

Name Types of images
John Adlington photo - digital
Bill Almond photo - CCD
George Ball photo - Solar
Charles Banville photo - digital & CCD
Jennifer Bigelow photo - film, scan, CCD
Paula Brown photo - digital
Sherry Buttnor photo - digital and film
Joe Carr photo - digital, CCD & webcam
Jim Cliffe photo - digital
Sandy Clark art - colour drawing
Les Disher photo - CCD
Geoff Jones photo - digital
David Lee photo - film, scan, digital, CCD & webcam
David Luttman photo - digital
John McDonald photo - digital & CCD
Michel Michaud photo - digital & CCD
Jack Newton photo - CCD
Blair Pellatt photo - digital
Daniel Posey photo - digital
Bruno Quenneville photo - digital
Brian Robilliard photo - digital
Eric Schandall photo - CCD
Peter Schlatter art - sketches
Malcolm Scrimger photo - digital & film
Li-Ann Skibo photo - digital
Brenda Stuart photo - digital
Don van Akker photo - digital
Guy Walton photo - digital
Michael Webb photo - digital
Bill Weir photo - digital, scanned film, sketches
Jan Wisniewski photo - CCD

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