RASC Victoria Centre Annual General Meeting 2010

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Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Victoria Centre

AGM and Dinner Meeting

Saturday, November 13, 2010
at the Cedar Hill Golf Course, 1400 Derby Road, Victoria, BC

 The reception area and dining room are up the stairs.  There is an elevator if needed.

6:00pm - Drinks and Conversation - no host bar

6:30pm - Dinner

Menu: fixed sit-down meal.  You have a choice for the entrees:
bulletChicken Pesto - breast of chicken stuffed with fresh pesto and Brie cheese, lightly breaded and topped with a cheddar cheese sauce
bulletHalibut Duglere - fresh filet of Halibut topped with a creamy mushroom, shallot, caper and white wine sauce
bulletVegetarian option
bulletDinners include:
bulletWarm dinner rolls
bulletFresh garden salad
bulletRice Pilaf
bulletFresh vegetables
bulletChef's choice dessert
bulletTea or coffee

7:30pm - Speaker

"A Decade of Discoveries with the Gemini Telescopes" - Dr. Stephanie C�t�, Group Leader: Canadian Gemini Office, HIA

Gemini North StartrailsThe twin 8 meter Gemini Telescopes have been the most powerful telescopes available to Canadian astronomers over the past 10 years. In the presentation Dr. Cote will highlight the most interesting discoveries that were made with Gemini and in particular those in which Canadian astronomers were involved. Some of the key science results will touch upon planets around other stars, supernovae, the center of our Galaxy, the formation of the first galaxies in the Early Universe, and Gamma-ray bursts.
bulletPowerPoint presentation - how to view .PPSX files
bullet A video version of the presentation
bulletMore info about galaxy formation and N-body simulations may be viewed here.

8:30pm-9:30pm - Annual General Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to order

  2. Minutes of 2009 Annual General Meeting

  3. Secretary�s Annual Report

  4. 2010 Financial Report

  5. National Representative Report

  6. President's Message

  7. Awards

    1. Volunteer Appreciation Certificates

    2. Excellence in Astrophotography

    3. Newton-Ball Award

  8. Election of officers

  9. New business from the floor

  10. Door prizes

  11. Adjournment


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