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Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Victoria Centre

Annual General Meeting and Dinner

Saturday, November 17, 2007
held at the Gorge Vale Golf Club, Victoria, BC

See the photos

6:15pm - COCKTAILS - no host bar

7:00pm - DINNER - buffet

8:30pm - SPEAKER

NEPTUNE Canada Regional Cabled Observatory - Brian Bornhold, Project Scientist, NEPTUNE Canada

Presentation (6.5Mb pdf)

In 2007 and 2008, NEPTUNE Canada will be installing an 800 km long regional cabled ocean observatory across the northern Juan de Fuca tectonic plate. Across the network, high resolution seismic information will elucidate tectonic processes such as earthquakes and strain, and a tsunami system will allow determination of open ocean tsunami amplitude, propagation direction, and speed.

At Endeavour Ridge, complex interactions among volcanic, tectonic, hydrothermal and biological processes will be quantified where new volcanic seafloor is created. On the abyssal plain, ODP borehole monitoring systems will track realtime changes in crustal temperature and pressure, particularly as they relate to events such as earthquakes, hydrothermal convection or regional plate strain at this mid-plate site. Experiments around Barkley Canyon, on the continental slope off southern Vancouver Island, will allow quantification of changes in biological and chemical activity associated with nutrient and sediment transport around the shelf/slope break and through the canyon to the deep sea. There and north along the mid-continental slope, shallowly buried gas hydrates occur.

Various experiments will monitor changes in their distribution, depth, structure, properties and venting, particularly related to earthquakes, slope failures and regional plate motions. At inshore Folger Passage, near the entrance to Barkley Sound, understanding controls on biological productivity will help evaluate the effects that marine processes have on fish and marine mammals. NEPTUNE Canada will transform our understanding of biological, chemical, physical, and geological processes across an entire tectonic plate, from the shelf to the deep sea. Real-time continuous monitoring and archiving allows scientists to capture the temporal nature and characteristics of these natural processes in a way never before possible.

RASC Victoria Centre AGM 2007 - photo gallery


  1. Call to order

  2. Minutes of 2006 Annual General Meeting as approved (pdf Members Only)

  3. Secretary's Annual Report (pdf Members Only)

  4. Financial Report

  5. National Representative Report

  6. Election of officers:

President - Joe Carr
Vice President - Sid Sidhu
Second Vice President - John McDonald
Treasurer - Martin Shepard
National Representative - Chris Gainor
Secretary and Recorder - Li-Ann Skibo
Past President - Scott Mair
Librarian - Charles Banville
Telescopes - Sid Sidhu
Sky News Editor - Scott Mair
New Members Liaison - Bruno Quenneville
Website Editor - Joe Carr
Members at Large - Bill Almond (Centre Historian), Sandy Barta, Dave Bennett, Jim Hesser, David Lee, Ed Maxfield, Bruno Quenneville, Colin Scarfe, Malcolm Scrimger, Dirk Yzenbrandt

  1. Newton-Ball Award - congratulations to David Lee

  2. Awards for Astrophotography - congratulations to Charles Banville, John McDonald, and Guy Walton. Certificate of Appreciation to Stephen Courtin for his participation in the Centre's public outreach programs.

  3. President's Message (pdf)

  4. New business from the floor - none

  5. Closing comments - get outside and observe Comet 17-P Holmes

  6. Door prizes


Joe Carr presents David Lee with the Newton-Ball Service Award for 2007

Newton/Ball Service Award 2007
This certificate is awarded to
David Lee
RASC Victoria Centre

In his various positions on Victoria Centre Council as President, Past President, National Representative, and Webmaster, David Lee has contributed a great deal to our membership over the last decade. David is the consummate �volunteer� and has dedicated himself to RASC's mission of bringing information about astronomy to the general public in innovative ways: by creating our first website; by bringing astronomy to tourists; and by teaching astro-photography to the public. He has brought his enthusiasm for astronomy to virtually all of Victoria Centre's public events, as well as to the members of Victoria Centre.


Astrophotography Award-winners

Cassiopeia rising over the Plaskett
Astrophotography Award for Wide-field Imaging 2007
The RASC Victoria Centre Council recognizes
Charles Banville
For his carefully crafted image of Cassiopeia rising over the Plaskett Dome

IC1396 and VdB142 Nebulae
Astrophotography Award for Nebula Imaging
The RASC Victoria Centre Council recognizes
John McDonald
For his beautiful rendering of nebula IC1396 and
the dark nebula VdB142, the Elephant�s Trunk

Andromeda Galaxy
Astrophotography Award for Galaxy Imaging
The RASC Victoria Centre Council recognizes
Guy Walton
For his richly detailed image of the
Andromeda Galaxy M31, M110 and M32


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