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June 9, 2004, 7:30pm, University of Victoria, Elliott Elliott Lecture Theatre, Room 060


The History of Mars Exploration - by Chris Gainor - For centuries, Mars has baffled and tantalized people on Earth as a planet that could harbour life. Early space probes dashed hopes for life, but more recent information has reopened the speculation. Our limited information about conditions on Mars has affected interest in planetary science and space exploration in both negative and positive ways. The Spirit and Opportunity rovers have renewed the search for life by discovering water on Mars, and humans still hope to visit the Red Planet soon. Presentation (Hint: when you click on this link, increase the size of the lower right frame - it contains Chris' narrative)


Astrophotography - by David Lee & Joe Carr - David and Joe will give a brief show-and-tell presentation on their latest astrophotography work, and briefly discuss some techniques members might find useful when using their consumer-grade camera gear for astrophotography. Joe's presentation


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