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Margaret Milne

February 12th 2003


University of Victoria Elliott Building Room 061

Margaret Milne is a graduate student in astronomy at the University of Victoria. She is working on her Masters thesis with Dr. Chris Pritchet in the field of Observational Cosmology. Margaret has a keen interest in science education and public outreach: she writes science articles for UVic Communications, volunteers with the Lets Talk Science program and does promotional work for the Canada France Hawaii Telescope Legacy Survey. When she completes her Masters degree, she hopes to continue on in the field of science communications. The Canada France Hawaii Telescope Legacy Survey will be the largest observing project in Canada over the next five years. A joint effort of the Canadian and French astronomy programs, the CFHTLS will use the Canada France Hawaii Telescope and MegaCam, the world's largest astronomical camera, to study things as near as our solar system and as far as the distant universe. In this talk, I'll tell you how the CFHTLS will help us to understand dark energy, make maps of dark matter, and fully survey the Kuiper Belt.

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Margaret Milne Science Education, Public Outreach and Journalism Portfolio

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