President's Message - April 2011

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by Lauri Roche

My mom and dad always had me sit down and write thank you notes for Christmas and Birthday presents from relatives. I must admit I never really liked doing them and tried to print as little as I could get away with but the great gifts I received in the mail from my grandmother and my aunts were well worth the few minutes of reluctant card-writing way back when.

Well, this is a thank you note that I have no reluctance in writing at all. This is a thank you to every person in our organization who makes a contribution of one type or another to keep our RASC programs in Victoria vital and strong. Every organization needs members who come forward to do the jobs that need to be done, jobs that sometimes take a lot of time and expertise, some that don�t require too much time at all but are equally important. It is like a big spider web with connections in all directions. The relationships between people are what make us stronger.

I started a list of the tasks that people do for the RASC, Victoria Centre, that are ongoing right now. I am absolutely sure I have missed some so I apologize right up front and will add more to the list as I am reminded. It is an amazing set of tasks! I am not adding any names of our members to the tasks. You all know who you are and on behalf of everyone who is a member, a new one or a seasoned veteran, I thank you for all the hard work, effort, time, talents and enthusiasm you have brought to local astronomy.

And when you see a colleague in the near future thank them, too.

Here�s the list in no particular order at all:

bulletCoffee and refreshments
bulletObserving program organization and facilitation
bulletAstronomy Day preparation
bulletGiving School programs
bulletLiaising with UVic
bulletTelescope loans, maintenance and inventory
bulletSummer Star Party organization
bulletKeeping Council and general meeting minutes
bulletAstronomy Caf�
bulletCentre of the Universe Saturday evening events
bulletEditing Skynews
bulletWebsite Management
bulletPearson College contacts
bulletHIA contacts
bulletBeing Members-in-Charge at the VCO
bulletSpecial events scheduling and facilitating
bulletConnections with National Office
bulletBanking, budgets, certification and legal matters
bulletKeeping track of our Library
bulletOrganizing and supporting the Light Pollution Initiatives
bulletObtaining prizes
bulletOrganizing the Annual General Meeting
bulletMaintaining our Archives
bulletObservatory maintenance, scheduling and tech support
bulletMembership Coordinator
bulletHelping new members and new observers
bulletVictoria Calendar editing
bulletAstrophotography group
bulletCoordinating volunteers
bulletMembership on National committees

Thanks to everybody...


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Last updated: January 29, 2014

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