President's Message - May 2010

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By John McDonald

Well, as every astronomer knows, keeping the equipment in good shape is important. I got a vivid reminder of this when one of my most important pieces of equipment needed attention recently. It was my left eye. The good news - I got some very prompt and effective medical attention for what turned out to be a detached retina and I am well on the road to a full recovery. The downside - I was not able to do some of my duties in the past while but thanks to Lauri who stepped in to chair the Light Pollution Committee meeting on May 5 and many others who made sure other things got done, all is well. Thanks.

Summer is fast approaching and the nights are starting later and later. The RASCals Star Party will be at a new location this year and gives us a chance to see the southern sky from Metchosin. There is interest in light pollution abatement in that community thanks to the work of Bill Weir, Gary Seronik and others so having the star party there is a good opportunity to demonstrate to the citizens what a treasure they have in their dark sky.

Summer also means evening viewing at the CU and once again we are asking our members to consider being volunteers. It is fun and certainly a worthwhile contribution that anyone who is willing can make. You don�t have to be an expert. People appreciate it when they are able to ask a question that makes you think. If you need to consult another volunteer to get an answer do it. Your honesty will be much appreciated.

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