President's Message - January 2010

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By John McDonald

At our December monthly meeting I suggested the idea of making the major focus for our Centre in 2010 "Light Pollution Abatement" (LPA). Your response was positive and several individuals immediately offered to help. 

The concept is to build on the goodwill and awareness of astronomy that has developed in the Greater Victoria Community as a result of the efforts of ourselves, our partners and the international IYA activities during 2009.

I set out a possible strategy in an e-mail on Dec 15 and received additional support for the concept and some good suggestions.  There seems to be a consensus that a coordinated approach based on several different activities could be effective with a small team taking responsibility for each.   At this time the following teams appear to cover the bases, however we can learn and adjust as needed during the year.

Team 1) Preparation of packages to be distributed to the schools for students to take home.  The ground work is well prepared as a result of the work of the school program.  In addition, our light pollution cards are excellent as is the one-pager material on our website.

Team 2) Approaches to the technical staff that deal with municipal lighting to make them aware of the technologies that can be used to improve lighting and regulate private enterprise use of lights.

Team 3) Approaches to vendors of lighting fixtures to enlist their active help in promoting the use of smart lighting.

Team 4) Approaches to community groups to help them understand the negative effects of light pollution and enlist their support in combating it.  Coupled with this we could have a speakers list - members who could give short informative talks on LPA.

Team 5) Approaches to politicians and committees in the local municipalities to enlist their support and commitment to light pollution abatement. 

Team 6) Approaches to media.  Finding a champion in the media would be very helpful.  Creating op-ed articles for local (and national) media to reach as many citizens as possible with good information about light pollution could also be effective.  The need here is for people with media connections and/or effective writing skills.

I would appreciate hearing from you if you want to help with any one or more of these tasks.  There will also be a short organizational session following our first regular meeting of the year on January 13 for those who can make it.  For those who can�t stay after the meeting,I would be happy to pass on your suggestions and/or willingness to help.

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