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Lunar CCD Images

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Lunar CCD Images

Images and Text by Eric Schandall

All images were taken with the following equipment

Telescope: Meade 12" SCT

CCD Camera: Meade Pictor 416

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October 19, 1997 Lunar Occultation with Aldebaran

The evening of the occultation was a Saturday night. This is the evening when the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory opens it's doors to the public for tours of the facility from April through October. The local Centre of the RASC here in Victoria has volunteers who set up their telescopes on the grounds of the observatory and invite the public to view the night sky.

The occultation was late enough that we had time to go for the traditional cup of coffee after closing time. When we left, David Lee and I realized there was still time to head on to our homes and image or photograph the event.(David does this website too).

At this point I'd had my CCD three months with very little time spent imaging. There was only about twenty minutes or so to get everything up and running and make a few sample images for exposure before it was time. Without a permanent setup this would have been one of many missed oportunities. There simply wouldn't have been time.

Attempting to photograph an occultation of Aldebaran, I missed it through lack of experience with the abruptness of the disappearance. As a friend from Newfoundland would say," I looked and there it was, gone", so I was happy to get even these results.

The images are only so so but simply capturing such an ephemeral event makes them more interesting than they otherwise would be and will be a post card of the evening, the month and the early days of my struggles in electronic imaging

 Lunar Occultation Frame 1

Imaged at 1:19:34 PDT


15 ms exposure
 Lunar Occultation Frame 2

Imaged at 1:21:40 PDT

2x2 binning

15 ms exposure
 Lunar Occultation Frame 3

Imaged at 1:23:10 PDT


15 ms exposure
 Lunar Occultation Frame 4

Imaged at 1:47:19 PDT

2x2 binning

15 ms exposure

Editor's Note

As Eric points out the night was indeed a special night, occultations have that magical quality about them. There is something special about being able to know when a event will occur to such precision, like clockwork. That night I only observed the occultation, watching Aldebaran disappear into the moon and like clockwork reappear out the other side. The reappearance is certainly the highlight, watching the star reappear and hang over a dark lunar landscape is breathtaking. - David Lee

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January 7, 1998 The Moon

Phase 78%

2x2 Binning

10 ms Exposure

Eric can be reached at eric_schandall@telus.net . Other images by Eric Schandall will be available in the Images section of this website in the near future.


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Last updated: December 12, 2013

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