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Partial Solar Eclipse - July 30th 2000

After a great weekend at the Island Star Party, Richard Harvey and I headed for Mt. Tolmie to observe and photograph the partial solar eclipse. By 7:15 pm we were set up overlooking the city. The view looked perfect except for one uncertainty. We weren't sure if the eclipse would be over before the Sun dipped below the distant hills. I snapped images every 7.5 minutes starting at 7:33 pm with the exception of the last 3 images which were taken only minutes apart. Using his Vista refractor Richard was able to show me details of the last minutes of the eclipse. It was getting pretty dim in my camera viewfinder. The shape of the Sun was starting to distort and we could see a beautiful silhouette of the treeline as the Sun crossed the hilltop. Oh yes, we did see the whole eclipse before the Sun disappeared! The eclipse was visible from 7:33 pm to 8:46 pm. - David Lee

Telescope: Televue Pronto 480mm f/6.8 on Super Polaris EQ Mount

Camera: Nikon F90x with Tamron 2x Convertor for an effective f/stop of f/14

Filter: Thousand Oaks Type 2+

Film: Fuji Superia 400

Exposure: 1/160 second @ f/14

Image Processing and Animation: Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady


David can be reached by email at

A Quicktime version of the animation is available that will allow you to step through and examine each frame of the animation. It requires Quicktime 3 or higher. (151kb)


Download the latest version of the Quicktime Player from the Apple Internet Site

Click on the Quicktime icon and go directly to download. 

Aurora in Victoria - Morning of August 12th 2000

Much of the northern hemisphere was treated to aurora on the morning of August 12th. The image shown here was taken at Island View Beach, a short distance from Victoria BC. Time was approximately 3:45am PDT. Click on image for larger version. For an article on aurora and more images from the Victoria Centre see A ROARAing Through the Night - Sandy Barta / Images: Eric Schandall and David Lee .

Island View Beach, Victoria, BC

Camera: Nikon F90x with 16mm/2.8 full frame fisheye lens

Film: Fuji Superia 200

Exposure: 30 seconds at f/2.8 



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