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Michael uses a Panasonic FZ20 digital camera and an Olympus 3000Z digital camera for astrophotography.  The Olympus is used a-focally through a Meade ETX90. The Panasonic is used as-is, since it has 12x optical zoom, image stabilization, and has 5 mega pixel resolution.

Michael made a presentation highlighting photos from his Solar Eclipse trip on MV Discovery at Members Night - June 8, 2005. He also viewed the Total Solar Eclipse on March 29, 2006 in Libya, so perhaps he could be described as an eclipse chaser.

Total Solar Eclipse from south of Tobruk, Libya - Mar 29, 2006

Sequences approaching both Diamond rings and one at totality; also first contact, which I was pleased to record with the slightest indication. The sunspots show up quite well on the western limb. The shots of the diamond rings were taken at 1/500 @ f8 at ISO 100 with full zoom, equivalent of 432mm. The camera is my Panasonic FZ20 which was tripod mounted without a remote control (room for improvement). Totality was recorded at 1/100@ f8 same ISO setting.

Rainbow and reflection rainbow - Nov 26, 2005 - This oddity was recorded on the Blackcomb Chair on November 26. The sun is just out of the frame at the bottom. The streaks are snowflakes. Often, you don�t have a camera when things like this appear. It was taken at 1/1000 at f 7.3 set at ISO100 with a Panasonic FZ20 set on fully automatic. Just Lucky.

Atmospheric Optics

Moon - Dec 12, 2005 7:46pm

Camera: Olympus 3000Z
Exp: 1/125 sec f/2.8
ISO: 100
Telescope: William Opitcs Zenithstart 66 APO
A-focal using a 10mm Spears-Waler

Moon - Mars Conjunction - Nov 14, 2005 - the Moon and Mars were only 2.5� apart.

Camera: Panasonic FZ20
Processed: Composite created in Digital Image Pro
Moon: 1/100 sec at f/6.5
Mars: 1/2 sec at f/6.5


Diamond Ring - Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2005 near Oeno Island (Pacific Ocean) taken from the deck of the MV Discovery.

Camera: Panasonic FZ20
Processed: Digital Image Pro

Totality - Solar Eclipse - April 8, 2005 near Oeno Island (Pacific Ocean) taken from the deck of the MV Discovery.

Camera: Panasonic FZ20
Processed: Digital Image Pro


Jupiter & Moons

Telescope: Meade ETX-90
Camera: Olympus 3000 - a-focal
Processed: Some flaring cleaned up in Digital Image Pro

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