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Malcolm uses a Nikon D70s dSLR equipped with Nikon zoom lenses and a tripod for his astrophotography.

For current images, please refer to Malcolm's Zenfolio Online Gallery (see above slideshow).
Please note: the page below contains an archive of Malcom's images dated from 1988 through mid-2007.


Venus-Moon-Jupiter conjunction - I was setup at Saxe Point Park near Esquimalt looking West towards the gravel pit in Metchosin.

Nikon D70s 1 second F/4.8 285mm lens, ISO200
Venus-Moon-Jupiter conjunction - I was setup at Saxe Point Park near Esquimalt looking West towards the gravel pit in Metchosin. Nice view from there.

Nikon D70s 1/3 second F/4.5 122mm lens, ISO200

Cassiopia - 1990

Charles Banville's picture reminds me of a photograph I took about fifteen years or so ago, although mine was taken with a Minolta SRT 101 film camera, a 50 mm lens for a wide filed shot driven a-top a former borrowed RASC Victoria telescope. A 6 inch Criterion reflector with a AC drive motor.

Film was Konica 3200 ASA which was quite red sensitive and shot for 10 min..

Could someone be so kind as to color correct it and do some enhancements with the more sophisticated software that I don't have? I would be so grateful.

I played with your image in Photoshop and reduced the red background a bit. Also did a slight sharpen. Would be interesting to see what others can do with it. Guy Walton.
Barnard's Loop - 1988

Also in the earlier years, 1988, I would join Jack Newton out at East Sooke Park with my telescope and take piggyback shots of the sky. The sky was nice and dark then. At that time he had a 20 inch mounted on a trailer that he would drive there.

In this picture I had captured Orion and the surrounding area. Once the film
was developed I discovered that I had captured the illusive Barnard's Loop in Orion. I was very pleased with that.

50mm lens f/2.8 10 min Konica 3200 ASA driven by an non-properly polar aligned telescope. Some star trailing.
Milky Way - Aug 9, 1988

In going through some previous photographs I had taken I had found two images of the Milky Way that overlapped. For fun I scanned the 4 x 6 prints and composed them In Paint Shop Pro.

The pictures were taken from Mount Kobau Star Party August 9th 1988. They were taken with my Minolta SRT101 with Konica 3200 ASA with a 50mm F/2.8 lens using a deep sky filter mounted on my Celestron Ultima 8.



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