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Jennifer Bigelow

Jennifer is a long time member of RASC, and is probably best known for her dedicated service through public viewing nights at the Centre of the Universe.

Sunrise in Barkley Sound - This photo was taken between 4:30 and 5:00,am, around mid August, 1980, I was a Deckhand on a Government, Research ship (CSS VECTOR) we were drifting just outside the Broken Group at the time, I was making my morning rounds before, I had to wake the ships crew at 7:00,am, I couldn't help but notice that we were going to have an unbelievable sunrise, I quickly went to my cabin and grabbed my camera and set it (a Canon, AE-1) to, manual, wide open aperture, and the shutter to 60x, I was using Kodak, 400,film at the time, you can see the Ocean waves in the fore ground and the Broken Group in the background and some Green Flash detail.

[Ed.] We received this feedback on the above photo from Andrew T. Young, a member of the Adjunct Faculty, Dept of Astronomy, San Diego State University: "This picture certainly is a showy sunrise, but there's nothing resembling a green flash there. There are some bits of blue sky that contrast nicely with the fiery red clouds, so a casual observer might suppose they are green, because of simultaneous contrast. But, really, no green flash." You may wish to browse his website, which is devoted to green flashes and other related phenomena.

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