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Eric Schandall

Eric's interest in astronomy started early in life but it wasn't until recently that he immersed himself in astronomy by observing, astroimaging and sketching. The following images are from his collection of CCD images. His favourite subjects of late have been the moon and the planets. The images of Mars are from the 27th of March 1999 as well as the bit of the Apennines on the Moon. They were done on a Meade Pictor 416 CCD camera and a Meade 12" telescope with eyepiece projection using an 18mm orthoscopic eyepiece. Image processing was done with MaxIm DL and Photoshop.

Images of Mars on a night of good seeing

Lunar surface: the Apennines

The large walled plain Schickard which lies
on the southwestern limb of the moon


Lunar Eclipse of October 27, 2004 from Lower Manhattan, NYC

Images are ©Eric Schandall


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