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Bruno has a Canon Digital Rebel 300D digital SLR, which he uses for astrophotography.  He also has an Orion ED80 apochromatic refractor and a Meade LX-200 10" SCT, both of which he plans to use for astrophotography in conjunction with the Digital Rebel.

Sunspot 953 - Apr 29, 2007

ISO 800 @ 1/800

Sun Halo - Apr 29, 2007

ISO 100 @ 1/800 full auto, untouched

Double Cluster


M52 & Double Cluster - Nov, 2006

Here are my first 2 images captured last fall, Processing was done in Jan. 07, after purchasing Images Plus. Many thanks to John and Charles who helped me do this first stacking effort. I'm sure that with more time, I'll be able to further develop my processing skills.

Dates: 2006- Mid November
Location:- Cattle Point, Victoria.
Equipment:- Canon Rebel 300D, Orion 80mm ED, and HEQ5 mount.
Exposure:- 15 frames each - 60s light frames at ISO 800, no darks nor flats.
Processing:- Light frames from each session were stacked and developed in Images Plus
basic processing only, further work required.
These are first 2 images ever captured , with modest success ( more to come, I'm sure)

M31, M32, M110 - Oct 20, 2006

With a few clouds and fog conditions, I was able to capture 20 light frames of M31. Many thanks to Charles for his help and introducing me to Images Plus Processing... This is my first attempt... just aligned and stacked... Now to learn about PhotoShop

Deer Licking Group, Gordon Head - July 28, 2006

Not to be outdone by Joe Carr's Deer Lick Group, NGC7331, I offer this sweet image, closer to home (my back yard) taken this early morning.

1 single image, not stacked ( too easy ) ISO = auto ( whatever ! ), Shutter Speed = Just long enough ! Processed in record time ! ENJOY

M57 Ring Nebula and Comet 73/P Schwassmann-Wachmann - May 7, 2006 -  I tried my new DSLR for the first time on M57 with the hopes of capturing the comet.. et Voila... a modest success.  Telescope.... Orion 80 ED F/7 , one single 1 minute exposure at ISO 800. tracking on EQ5 mount with minimal alignment. Now to learn about processing,,, my next challenge.
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