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Brian Robilliard

Transit of Mercury & Sundog - Nov 8, 2006

Clear Sky Clock looked really good for Victoria this morning so off I went. I got half way up the Malahat when Joanne gave me the bad news. Clear Sky Clock for Victoria is now looking dismal.

But Tofino looks good.....Ok, where else looks good I ask? Nanaimo�s not bad, Ok U-Turn on the Malahat and high tail it for Nanaimo. Looking good, clear sky on the horizon, clear sky on the horizon................North East horizon that is...Past Nanaimo, blue sky above (as predicted) Sun in a cloud bank.

Turn around at Nanoose Bay .. go to Home Depot. Might as well not waste the trip. Out of Home Depot and the sky breaks a bit...stop at Nanaimo park way rest stop. I got about two hours of sucker holes and some very good views of Mercury...Yes. I am happy .

Attempted photos ...more clouds and no luck..Ever try to focus on a cloud? 100% clouds at 2pm so I clean up...just closed the back of the truck with the last item packed away and I see my shadow...Pull out the small refractor and camera tripod ...fluffy clouds replaced by high haze...Oh well made for a nice Sun Dog.

All in All I had a great day and am so pleased that I did see Mercury.

Sun Dog , Canon G2 hand held.
Sun, SunSpot and Mercury (just barely) Canon G2, 8� Maksutov, Eq6

Although Brian's business is Island Eyepiece and Telescope,
these photos were taken without a telescope, using his Canon C2 digital camera.

Aurora - Sept 10, 2005
An Aurora shot I took on the highway to Ucluelet.
Canon G2 sitting on top of a utility trailer.
You can see part of a small lake in the foreground.

Aurora 2003
Mill Bay, BC

Double Sun Dog
June 11, 2005
Taken from Mill Bay
by Brian Robilliard
and Darryl Whitworth

Aurora 2003
Mill Bay, BC

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