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Bill Almond

Bill Almond has been working with CCD imaging since the early 1990's and has been published in CCD Magazine with images of M27 The Dumbell Nebula and M8 The Lagoon Nebula.

All images are Copyright Bill Almond

M42, Orion Nebula - 2006

Earlier this year I took this image of M42 with the Centre's Takahashi and Meade's ill-starred Deep Space Imager, then promptly forgot about it until recently. The Tak's drive was not working properly so I simply hoped for the best. After rediscovering the image I played around with it in PixInsight LE and it began to look fairly good but nothing to write home about.

Comet Temple is cruising along, completely unaware that it's heading for a smashup with [a] NASA [probe] on July 4, [2005]. Here's an image I took on May 27, [2005]. It's not a very interesting comet and doesn't show a bright tail, but I would have been thrilled to catch the bright flash (with the DSI camera set on sub-second integrations) when the probe impacts it and vaporizes itself in order to carve a hole in the comet. However, Starry Night tells me it sets at this latitude at 1 a.m. on that date, so whether or not it will be possible to catch it is very iffy given the trees and high hills that stand in the way. Now if only I lived in Arizona, next door to Jack!

[Image taken with a Meade 12" LX-200 using a Meade DSI imager.]

All images below were taken with a 10-inch f/10 Meade SC working at f/6.3. Imager: SBIG ST6 CCD. Images processed with Photoshop: RGB True colour, Image size: 254 K. Guider: SBIG ST4 CCD mounted piggyback on the 10-inch in a Celestron C90.

 M17 Swan Nebula, diff. neb. in Sagittarius

M16, Eagle Nebula, diff. neb. in Serpens


M27, Dumb-bell Nebula, large planetary in Vulpecula M33, Pinwheel Galaxy, large spiral, member of Local Group, in Triangulum



M22, beautiful large globular cluster in Sagittarius


M20,Trifid nebula, bright diff. neb. in Sagittarius version processed in LAB format


M31, great spiral galaxy in Andromeda, finest of the Local Group of galaxies.


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