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Victoria Centre celebrates

International Astronomy Day

Saturday, April 27, 2013

University of Victoria, Bob Wright Building

Free admission for everyone!
Rain or shine

Astronomy Day poster - black background (111k pdf)
Astronomy Day poster - white background (111k pdf)


Daytime - 10am - 4pm


Ask an Astronomer booth - get that burning question answered by the experts!


Solar observing - outside, weather permitting


Telescope making - demonstration


Astro kids activities - fun projects for kids of all ages


Walk among the planets - outside interactive display of our solar system


Astro-photography -slide shows of local astro-photos, and find out how your camera can take photos of the  night sky


Activities & exhibits from the students of Science Venture & Pearson College.

Astronomy Talks - Lecture Theatre A104, Bob Wright Building


11AM - Stargazing from Namibia's NamibRand Nature Reserve, Africa's First International Dark Sky Reserve - The dark skies and the protected wildlife in the Namib Desert - Miles Paul Presentation (26Mb pdf)


12PM Noon - The sky in photos and video - Photographs and time lapse video capture the magic of the night sky from dark locations in and around Victoria and beyond. - John McDonald HD Video online


1PM - Annular Solar Eclipse May 20th 2012 - The story of how I found myself on a plane headed for a small city in Utah to see the Ring of Fire - David Lee Presentation (9Mb PowerPoint Show)


2PM - The Transit of Venus in 2012 � Our last chance to observe this rare celestial event was so much fun! - Joe Carr Presentation (8Mb PowerPoint Show)


3PM - Light and Us - Find out how light affects humans, wildlife, and the environment - Dorothy Paul Presentation (4Mb PowerPoint Show)

Evening - 7:00pm-11pm


Featured Speaker: 7PM - Extra-solar Planet Discoveries & Breakthroughs - Dr. Christian Marois, HIA - Hear about the exciting search for planets outside our own solar system from a leader in the field. Lecture Theatre B150, Bob Wright Building


Big 32" telescope viewing - weather permitting - Observe celestial objects in the night sky through the eyepiece of UVic's big telescope! Roof top of Bob Wright Building


Telescopes will also be available for celestial viewing on the roof of the Bob Wright building

Win your very own telescope - buy tickets in our Raffle Draw!

Raffle tickets will be available at Astronomy Day.

Free admission for everyone.

$2.25 to park for the whole day at UVic. Parking & transportation at UVic

Thanks go to all our volunteers and partners.

Our partners:

bulletUniversity of Victoria - Astronomy Dept
bulletScience Venture - UVic students
bulletLester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific
bulletNRC Herzburg Institute of Astrophysics

I would like to say special �thank you� to all the volunteers for their help making this year�s International Astronomy Day celebrations a successful event. Considering the weather was not kind to us, I think we had a good time sharing our interests with the public. Without the dedicated volunteers, such events don�t happen. Your help is much appreciated.

There were 270 GM [Galileo Moments, or members of the public].


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News Features & Coverage

Victoria News - UVic hosts astronomy day Saturday

Monique Keiran- Things are really looking up at Cattle Point - Times Colonist 

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