Oct 9, 2013 - Life is a Cosmic Phenomenon :The �Search for Water� evolves into the �Search for Life� - William E. Smith, BSc

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2013 � Life is a Cosmic Phenomenon :The �Search for Water� evolves into the �Search for Life� - William E. Smith, BSc (Special Maths), MBA, CITP, CEng, AKC

ABSTRACT - The 2013 data from the Kepler Mission gives a current estimate of the number of Earth-like planets in the habitable zone of sun-like stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, as 144 billion. We propose that this estimate has caused a consciousness change in human belief in the probability of life off Earth. This seems to have affected NASA�s public statements which are now leaning to the more visionary mission goal of the �Search for Life� rather than the 1975-2012 focus of the �Search for Water�.

We propose that the first confirmed Earth-like planet, expected to be announced later this year, be called �BORUCKI� in honour of the visionary USA scientist Bill Borucki, the father of the Kepler Mission. We explore the 2013 status of the Hoyle-Wickramasinghe Model of Panspermia, its hypothesis, propositions, experiments and evidence. We use the Karl Popper model for scientific hypotheses.

Finally we explore Sir Fred Hoyle�s vision of a planetary microbe defense system we call the Hoyle Shield. We explore the subsystem components of the shield and assess some options for these components using break-though technologies already available.

Bio: Mr. William E. Smith is Independent Director of CardioComm Solutions, Inc. He began his career as a systems engineer at IBM Canada and recently completed three years with Microsoft in Europe where he was first responsible for the KPMG partnership and was finally Finance Industry Marketing Manager for Microsoft EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). He left Microsoft in May 2001 to take the position of COO with ICT, a start-up company dealing in banking opportunities in financial services. In July 2001 ICT was acquired by Temenos, where Mr. Smith was responsible for the marketing of the IRIS system globally. He is now CEO of Myzan Research Corporation, a company focused on marketing technology software solutions.

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