RASC Victoria Centre Annual General Meeting 2013

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Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Victoria Centre

Annual General Meeting and Dinner

Sunday, November 17, 2013
at the Moon Under Water Brewpub, 350 Bay St, Victoria, BC


6:00pm - Drinks, conversation & tour

bulletNo host bar
bulletTour of the brewery

6:30pm - Dinner

Menu: fixed sit-down meal.  Choices:
bulletFirst Course - choice of soup or salad
bulletRoasted butternut squash soup
bulletHouse salad
bulletMain Course - choice of entre�
bulletGrilled Pacific salmon fillet served with fresh seasonal vegetables and risotto
bulletRoast beef served with Yorkshire pudding, gravy and fresh seasonal vegetables
bulletStuffed jumbo Portobello mushroom caps served with Yorkshhire pudding, country cream gravy and fresh seasonal vegetable - vegetarian option
bulletDessert - dessert buffet service
bulletRegular and Decaffeinated Coffee and Tea provided
bulletSpecialty coffees available at cost

7:30pm - Speaker - Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) - Dr. Andy Woodsworth of HIA and UVic

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) is an integrated survey system designed to conduct a decade-long, deep, wide, fast time-domain survey of the optical sky. It consists of an 8-meter class wide-field ground based telescope, a 3.2 Gpix camera, and an automated data processing system. Over a decade of operations the LSST survey will acquire, process, and make available a collection of over 5 million images and catalogs, with more than 37 billion objects and 7 trillion sources. Tens of billions of time-domain events will be detected and alerted about in real-time.

The US astronomical community has ranked the LSST as the highest priority large ground-based facility for the next decade. Designs are now complete for the telescope and its massive camera. Some of the project construction, including preparation of the site in Chile, is already underway. The primary mirror, with a tertiary reflector embedded in it, is undergoing final polishing.

This talk will outline the unique features of the design of the telescope and its data distribution system, as well as the key science goals that this telescope is designed to achieve. For more information, see www.lsst.org

Bio: Andy Woodsworth holds a PhD in radio astronomy from Queen's University. He spent many years with NRC's Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics in Ottawa and in Victoria, and he later led NRC's Institute for Information Technology and served as an interim Vice-President of NRC. While in Ottawa, he was Secretary of the RASC Ottawa Centre and its representative to National Council. Andy was the Chairman of the Board of Compute Canada 2008-2012.

8:30pm - Annual General Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to order

  2. Minutes of 2012 Annual General Meeting (draft) - Members Only

  3. Secretary�s Annual Report

  4. 2013 Financial Report

  5. National Representative Report

  6. President's Message

  7. Awards

    Certificate of Excellence - Michel Michaud - for his outstanding research in the Pro-Am Double Star discoveries, and the publishing of his "Double Star Measurements in the Pleiades Cluster" in the Journal of Double Star Observation, October 2012.


    Special Award of Service - Brian and Joanne Robilliard, Island Eyepiece and Telescope - For their many years of excellent service and support.


    Excellence in Astrophotography Award - Dan Posey - for his work on Deep Sky Imaging in 2013. Including the capture of the Cigar Galaxy Messier 82, representing 2 hours and 15 minutes of sub-frames.


    Newton-Ball Award - Lauri Roche - In her position as President of our Centre, Lauri Roche has served in many roles over the past decade, beginning as our Club Treasurer, Vice-President to President. Lauri's dedication to our Astronomy Outreach program remains her greatest accomplishment, with particular focus on our school and public program. Her non-stop cheerful attitude and never failing support and enthusiasm for astronomy has benefited the youth of Victoria for many years. As a teacher, Lauri possessed the skills to deliver new knowledge to her audience effectively and the sharing of new discoveries that Astronomy presents to all of us members and to our community.

  8. Election of officers - all by acclamation

  9. New business from the floor

  10. Door prizes awarded

  11. Adjournment


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