Sept 8, 2010 - From chicken livers to the Quadrivium - Chris Mundigler

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September 8, 2010 - From chicken livers to the Quadrivium: the place of astronomy in ancient worldviews - Chris Mundigler, ACA, BA - UVic Continuing Ed lecturer

While the Hubble, Spitzer and Webb Space Telescopes have been the talk of the town for more than a decade now, to really appreciate how far we've come in terms of understanding space and our place in it, we have to go back further in time, much further, to cultures who revered astronomy (aka. astrology) not for its wonders but for the necessary order it kept in our daily lives. In this talk, we'll briefly explore that reverence from its roots to the Middle Ages.

Bio: Chris Mundigler is a local archaeologist and anthropologist who has spent the last 20 years surveying and mapping Roman and Islamic sites in Jordan; researching archaeological sites in Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Morocco and Spain; and digging everything from Mycenaean palaces and sanctuaries in Greece to Roman villas and farms in Italy. Chris' main focus of research throughout the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and New Worlds has been in the sciences and technologies used by ancient people to accomplish the amazing feats we can now only wonder at. Since 1992, Chris has taught courses in archaeology, anthropology, and ancient history for the University of Victoria, bringing ancient and medieval history alive by sharing his first-hand field experiences and passion for his work with his students.

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