Jan 14, 2009 - "Timelines" by Roger Bailey

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January 14, 2009 - "Timelines" by Roger Bailey, Walking Shadow Designs

Abstract: The sun is the essence of time. The daily rotation and annual orbit of the earth determine our hours, day, seasons and year. A sundial provides a true measure of time using a shadow to track the relative motion of the earth and sun. Sundials were the first instruments developed by man to measure and understand the universe. In the presentation "Timelines", Roger Bailey outlines how our concept and measurement of time evolved through the use of sundials. Different cultures used different concepts of time and carved different timelines on their sundials. Many examples from around the world will be presented. One example is the dial that Roger recently designed for the Missouri Botanical Garden. This Ottoman sundial uses two gnomons to tell time in four different systems: normal hours based on 12 noon, Babylonian hours based on sunrise, Italian hours based on sunset and Moslem prayer times.

Bio: Roger Bailey is amazed by how much you can learn from the shadow of a stick. His curiosity about sundial time has guided personal explorations in astronomy, mathematics, history, religion, anthropology, art, and crafts. Roger is interested in sharing this interest in sundials and strongly supports the North American Sundial Society in appreciating sundials in modern society. Roger has been an active member of NASS since 1995 and Secretary since 2002.

Like most engineers, Roger likes to design and build things. His working career as a Chemical Engineer was devoted to research and development of diverse energy technologies including hydrogen isotope extraction and oil sands processing. This research typically involved long development time horizons, large budgets and teamwork management. Designing and building houses and sundials has provided more immediate and personal satisfaction.

Roger Bailey graduated with an honours BASc in 1966 from Queen's University and is a semi-retired Professional Engineer. As the principal of Walking Shadow Designs, Roger is now offering consulting services on energy technologies and sundial design.

His interests are indicated by membership in the North American Sundial Society, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, and various hiking groups.


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