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Dec 12, 2007 - Telescopes for Amateur Astronomy - Jim Stilburn

With the availability on the market of many affordable telescopes for amateur astronomy, the amateur is faced with many choices regarding the best type of telescope to use for various types of observing. I will be explaining the basic principles of telescope optics and how they relate to telescope performance. Also I will discuss how a telescope can be used to maximum effect, and also how to clean and care for telescope optics.

Presentation ( 1.7Mb pdf)


Jim Stilburn recently retired from the DAO after 25 years of service, which was preceded by 9 years with the UVic Dept. of Astronomy and Physics. Jim's work at the DAO entailed designing and testing new instruments for the major observing sites used by the Canadian astronomers. He has built several amateur telescopes, including 6-inch and 12-1/2 inch reflectors, a 5-inch refractor, and most recently binoculars with 4-inch lenses. He now spends his time working at the DAO as a visiting worker continuing research on anti-reflection coatings, as well as working on various projects in his home workshop.

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