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May 9, 2007 - A Search for Transiting Extrasolar Planets - Russ Robb, University of Victoria, Department of Astronomy - Many extra-solar planets have been found by the variations they cause in the radial velocity of some stars similar to the sun. A few have orbits inclined such that the planet will transit the face of the star causing a diminution in the brightness of the star. We have observed this eclipse in two of the known systems and are now mounting a campaign to discover unknown extra-solar planets.

Extrasolar_Planets ( 2Mb pdf)

Bio: I have been extremely fortunate to spend the last 25 years at the University of Victoria talking about astronomy, teaching astronomy, observing and writing articles about variable "stars". I spent the previous 10 years at the University of Calgary and I was raised in a small town where the sky was dark and we could see the stars. Russell Robb's Home Page

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