Zarbula's Sundials - Roger Bailey

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Mar 8, 2006 - Zarbula's Sundials - Roger BaileyZarbula Sundial - photo by Roger Bailey

40 minute animated PowerPoint presentation on the fresco art and gnomonic techniques of Giovanni Francisco Zarbula, an itinerant Italian painter who created over 100 vertical declining sundials in villages high in the French alps between 1830 and 1876. North American Sundial Society

Roger Bailey is amazed by how much you can learn from the shadow of a stick. His curiosity about sundial time has guided personal explorations in astronomy, mathematics, history, anthropology, art, and crafts. Roger is interested in sharing this interest in sundials and strongly supports the North American Sundial Society in appreciating sundials in modern society. Roger has been an active member of NASS since 1995.

His interests are indicated by membership in the North American Sundial Society and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. His wife Christine, two children and three grandchildren are bemused and tolerant of these interests.

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