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Dec 14, 2005 - Expedition Mars - A 3D Adventure - an Audio-Video Presentation of Mars by Pal Virag. Please note room change: Elliott Building Lecture Room 167, UVic.

Being the most earth-like yet truly alien outer world, the Red Planet has received the deepest attention of scientists and fans of the science-fiction genre alike. In addition to the TAE Project�s trademark dome screen -- utilized for presenting global images of Mars [and other planets] in three-dimension -- tonight's presentation, �Expedition Mars - A 3D Adventure�, also features captivating 3D images projected on to a traditional flat screen. Looking at these digitally enhanced and colorized stereo pictures through red-blue anaglyph glasses, the viewers may feel as if they were standing on the Red Planet or hovering above intriguing Martian landscapes.  Travelling Astronomical Education Project


I came to Canada from Hungary twelve years ago, where I was an architectural engineer and technical teacher. As an educator and inventor, I have been searching for new avenues to present space exploration in innovative ways. For providing the public - particularly the youth - with up-to-date information on astronomy and space exploration, I have developed a unique, artistic science outreach program, the Traveling Astronomical Education [TAE] Project, in 1995. (Completed with recorded narration, music and sound effects, hundreds of astronomy and custom-made space art-like images are projected through a cluster of visual projectors onto two screens during each multimedia presentation.) I have been touring schools in British Columbia ever since with my novel audio-visual productions about the Solar System and Canada's involvement in space research.


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