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Nov 20, 2004

Gorge Vale Golf Club

2004 Annual Meeting Agenda (37k pdf)


Staff at Gorge Vale setup buffet

Honoured guests partake

Dave Bennett chooses his cut of beef

8:00pm - Living on Thin Air - Drs Sara Ellison & Jon Willis talk about their experiences as professional astronomers working in the high altitude Atacama Desert of Chile.


Drs Sara Ellison & Jon Willis


Business Meeting

Congratulations to our new Council:

President: Scott Mair

Skynews Editor: Sandy Barta

1st Vice president: Bruno Quenneville

New Members Liaison: Sandy Barta

2nd Vice president: Joe Carr

Webmaster: Joe Carr

Secretary: Li-Ann Dorrance

Members at Large: Bill Almond, Sandy Barta, Jim Hesser, Ed Maxfield, Frank Ogonoski, Blaire Pellatt, Colin Scarfe, Rich Willis.

Treasurer: David Griffiths

Honorary President: George Ball

Past President: Chris Gainor

National Representative: David Lee

Thanks to our outgoing Council Member: Laura Roche (Treasurer).


Li-Ann Dorrance reads the minutes from the 2003 General Meeting

David Lee reads Chris Gainor's President's Report

Laurie Roche gives her last Treasurer's Report

Dave Bennett gives a report as Chair of the Site Selection Committee

Sid Sidhu is presented with the Achievement Award in support of Public Outreach by VP Bruno Quenneville

Sid says a few words, and thanks all the volunteers who support the Centre's public outreach

Guy Walton is presented with the Ernie Phannenschmidt Award for Amateur Telescope Making

Joe Carr is presented with the Astro-Photography Award by VP Bruno Quenneville

Bill Almond introduces Don Dundee

Don Dundee is presented with the Newton-Ball Service Award by VP Bruno Quenneville

Don says a few words

Scott Mair - the new President

Sandy Barta gives out the prizes


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