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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Gorge Vale Golf Club
1005 Craigflower Road
Victoria, BC

The meeting announcement

David Lee (Past President and National Representative) chairing in Chris Gainor's absence)

The Photo Gallery

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Sandy Barta
1. Minutes from the last Annual General Meeting - read by Sandy Barta (2002 Minutes available from the Members Only website)
David Lee
2. The President's Address - prepared by Chris Gainor; read by David Lee (2003 President's Address available from the Members Only website)
Li-Ann Dorrance
3. The Annual Report for the Centre - prepared by Robert Walker; read by Li-Ann Dorrance (
2003 Annual Report available from the Members Only website)
Lauri Roche
4. The Treasurer's Report - presented by Lauri Roche (Summary, Full versions available from the Members Only website)

5. Announcements - David Lee

5.1 RASC - 2003 Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion by an organization

5.2 Scott Mair - 2003 Michael Smith Award by an individual and Master Interpreter award (US association)


David Lee presenting to Bill Weir
5.3 The 110 Finest NGC Objects Award
from RASC National - presented to Bill Weir by David Lee
David Lee presenting the certificate to Bill Almond David Lee presenting the plaque to Bill Almond Bill Almond saying a few words

5.4 Newton-Ball Award - presented to Bill Almond by David Lee

Jim Hesser remembering Ernie Pfannenschmidt
5.5 Ernie Pfannenschmidt - Condolences on behalf of the NRC by Jim Hesser
Sid wants YOU!!
Sid Sidhu thanking all the volunteers for RASC Victoria's outreach programs
Sandy Barta
8. Door Prizes - Sandy Barta, drawn by Brenda Stuart

6. Election and Introduction of the new Executive - David Lee


President: Chris Gainor


Vice President: Bruno Quenneville


Secretary and Recorder: Li-Anne Dorrance


Treasurer: Lauri Roche


Honourary President: George Ball


Librarian & Telescopes: Sid Sidhu


Past President and National Representative: David Lee


Skynews Editor: Sandy Barta


Website Editor: Joe Carr


Members-at-Large: Bill Almond, Jim Hesser, Ed Maxfield, Frank Ogonoski, Blaire Pellatt, Rich Willis, Colin Scarfe


New Members Liason: Sandy Barta

7. Guest Speaker

Mauna Kea and CFHT
Dr. Gregory G. Fahlman, the New Director General for NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics (Bio)

The Canada-France-Hawaii telescope was the Queen of Mauna Kea and the flagship of Canadian Astronomy for many years following its first light in 1979. Over the past few years, the emergence of larger telescopes has forced an evolution of CFHT into a different sort of telescope, but one that fully exploits its unique capabilities. I will attempt to describe this transition and where it is leading within the context of Mauna Kea and its significance to the indigenous people of Hawaii.


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