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On March 11, 2000 after giving a presentation at the University of Victoria Julie Payette presented a photomontage to the President of the Victoria Centre of the RASC, Sandy Barta. Included in the montage are two items that were flown on her mission on the Space Shuttle Discovery. The words on the panel read ...

This flag of Canada and STS-96 crew patch were flown aboard the
Space Shuttle Discovery, completing 153 orbits of the Earth and
travelling over 6 million kilometres.
May 27 - June 6, 1999.
Presented to
The Royal Astronomical
Society of Canada
"The greatest enemy of progress is the illusion of knowledge"
(and underneath her signature it reads)
Julie Payette
Canadian Astronaut

For a larger view of the photomontage click on the image (221kb)

On Saturday, March 11, Julie Payette shared her experiences on the Space Shuttle Discovery. Julie treated the rapt audience to a lavish slide presentation and short video of the 10 day 1999 May / June flight.

The slides took us on a journey through the history of Canada's involvement in the space program then into space and around our atmosphere-shrouded planet.

The video showed the crew members at work and play on their mission. The mission brought parts and equipment to the International Space Station The Shuttle crew had very ordinary jobs as movers and home handy-men. We watched them haul bundles into the Station, repair wiring, and adjust sticking doors. Julie's narration drew us into the astronauts' breathtaking journey into space, their daily life on the space shuttle, and the thrill of the short return to earth.

At the end of the talk Julie honoured the RASC Victoria Centre with the montage shown here. The photographs show the beginning of the journey (the lift-off), where they went (the International Space Station) and the end of journey (the space shuttle landing). The flag and the mission patch flew through space with her. We will share the montage with the people of Greater Victoria - it will be on display in the new National Research Council's Visitors Centre.

Sandy Barta

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