Final Night at the Centre of the Universe - Aug 24, 2013

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RASC Victoria Centre members have supported the National Research Council of Canada's astronomy public outreach facility, called the Centre of the Universe, since it was opened in 2001.  The Government of Canada cut the NRC's budget, forcing the agency to make some painful cuts to of which is the Centre of the Universe facility.

True to tradition, RASC members were there for the final night.

It was indeed a bittersweet event. I've included views from the top of the parking out to the road and a shot from the deck of the interpretive centre. These are the views that I remember from Saturday nights. I'm glad I was able to capture an image of the staff of the Centre of the Universe and our local RASC members at the end of the evening. It was important to remind myself of the importance of public outreach and to pass on the things that we have learned and come to love.

David Lee

A huge thank you to all the wonderful staff at the Centre of the Universe for their support and help to us volunteers here over the years. You're the best! Thanks also to all the visitors over the years who have helped make our hobby so enjoyable and rewarding. You will all be missed.

Chuck Filtness


Please sign the online petition: Find a way to keep the NRC's "Centre of the Universe" visitors centre open

If you are a Canadian resident, please also sign the paper petition, which will be tabled in the House of Commons. These petitions can be found at all southern Vancouver Island constituency offices of the Provincial Members of the Legislative Assembly of BC and Federal Members of Parliament (call MP Randall Garrison at 250-479-4154). You can also download the petition from here:

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