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CLARK, Sandy November 1, 1941 March 6, 2010 Self-taught artist, muralist, sculptor, teacher, boat-builder, sailor; Sandy Clark's creativity, outrageous humour and determination inspired and endeared her to all those who knew her.

Well-known for her murals in Chemainus, BC, Sandy's paintings in oils, watercolours and acrylics captured the mood of her subjects in a magical way, whether they be seascapes, landscapes, portraits or imaginative renderings of the cosmos.

Sandy loved sailing the island waters. She designed and built her own sailboat, and later undertook the building of a sleek powerboat, which she named after her grandmother, Eugenie. Faced with the relentless progression of Parkinson's disease, Sandy's courage and spunk could not be defeated.

In her 50's, Sandy unleashed her intelligence, curiosity and remaining energy into the study of astronomy. Her handmade telescopes earned awards from local star-gazing clubs.

Sandy passed away peacefully at the Chemainus Health Care Centre with family and friends by her side. She was predeceased by her parents, Tom and Irene, and by her brother, Tom. She is survived by brothers Edward and Joseph, her cousins, and by a host of close friends. Special thanks go to the wonderful staff at the Chemainus Health Care Centre and to friend Marilyn Baines for their unfailing care of Sandy.

A celebration of Sandy's life will be held at a later date. Donations to The Parkinson's Society may be made in Sandy's memory. Sandy, you have touched us with your incredible Spirit. Journey well, dear one, until we meet again.

No barriers in her way by Jim Gibson, Times Colonist, Apr 16, 2010

Sandy Clark was a local artist who was a member of the RASC in the late 1990's.




This is a painting about time. Taking time to step off our planet's surface and leave behind the base line linear perspective of conventional art - then enter a visual realm where the only reference point is the time signature of the last photon to touch ones eye.

Reading from right to left - the ancestral profile "the viewer" creates an irregular vertical column a "time twister" and uses it to justify the concept that (for her) all of time is happening at one moment.

The rest of this space-scape is simply the fun of playing with the "maybe-ness" of some of the dazzling visual occurrences that the universe and ones imagination create.

Sandy Clark - Given enough time, this scene might just happen. "Art anticipating life"

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