President's Message - November 2009

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By John McDonald

We did it!

I am writing this on Sunday, November 1, 2009, the day we passed the 20,000 Galileo Moments (GMs) mark. My congratulations go out to to Sid and every volunteer from our Center, the Centre of the Universe and NRC as well as UVic who contributed to this achievement. When National President, David Lane was here last month he commented that there were easy GMs and hard ones. Most of ours were the hard earned kind. It mattered to all of us that those who stopped at our displays, attended one of the night sky viewing events or the many sidewalk astronomy opportunities were able to really interact and take away more than the card or Starfinder we offered. I think we gave a good many of them a significant peek into the wonder of the sky and we let them know how welcome they were to join in sharing our passion for it.

The actual moment when we passed of the 20,000 mark occurred sometime today at a spectacular concert by the Victoria Symphony Orchestra. Tania Miller, her orchestra and the Women of the Victoria Choral Society did a marvellous performance of The Planets by Gustav Holst with the most stunning visuals I have ever seen by Dr. Jos� Francisco Salgado from the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. A very big thank you to Jim Hesser who played a key role in making this happen.

We could never have done this without Sid's drive and vision, and as Sid will be sure to add it would not have happened without you volunteers either.

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