Virtual Observing using WorldWide Telescope

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May 13, 2008 - President Joe Carr was interviewed by Meribeth Burton  about virtual observing using a computer and a web browser. The hook was the announcement from Microsoft Research of debut of their WorldWide Telescope service.

A note from Joe:

If you decide to install WorldWide Telescope, please be aware it is late Beta software (as of May 13/08).  I�ll warn you that you shouldn�t expect it to run as smoothly as Google Sky!  Also, WorldWide Telescope has demanding computer system requirements.  If you still decide to install it, get ready for a somewhat slow and non-intuitive interface, but it is very pretty and has loads of potential to take online astronomy software to the next level.  Oh, and it�s free.

Video clip used with permission from CHUM.
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