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George Ball Condolences

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George Ball died - Friday, January 19, 2007

It is with great sadness we announce the death of George Ball, Honorary President of Victoria Centre.

George was a member of RASC since 1955, and was a Life Member.  He is part of our history, so this is the end of an era here in Victoria Centre.

A service was held Monday, January 29th at 2pm at the John Alfred Centre, 2631 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC.

Thank you card from George's family:

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Sad news indeed. He will be missed by everyone that knew him.

Ed Majden

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Betty and I are very sorry to hear this sad news. George was inspirational as a human being and an astronomer.

Jim Hesser

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My condolences to George's family and to all his friends.

I would like to add that George's contributions went beyond our Centre. He is one of the respected elders of the amateur telescope makers' community in North America.

Sandy Barta

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On the passing of George Ball. Please accept my condolences to everyone who new him. " A man of good example! "

And thank you Sid for your considerate efforts over the last few years in helping him out to our events. It gave some of us a chance to get to know him.

Truly: Blaire Pellatt

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I did not have the good fortune to know George Ball personally but I learned of his reputation some time ago and it seems clear to me that his influence in helping to shape a wonderfully supportive RASC chapter is something that all of us including newcomers like me benefit from.

John McDonald

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George was a great man, and I was happy that we were able to honour him with the award in his and Jack�s name, and the honorary presidency, amongst other things. We�re going to miss him.

Chris Gainor

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It is with sadness that I read this e-mail concerning George's passing. He was such a good friend to me and I will not forget his kindness.
My condolences to all of his family and friends

Martin Shepherd

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George accomplished so much in his life, especially when it came to amateur astronomy. I still marvel at his Hydrogen-Alpha image of the Sun posted on our website. It is dated 1992! George was a innovator...an example to amateur astronomers everywhere, but especially here in Victoria Centre.

Joe Carr, President, Victoria Centre

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My condolences to his family and friends, George has contributed so very much to our astronomical community and he will be dearly missed. In the past few years I became quite close to George and a first hand witness of his dedication to this passion we all share.

Bruno Quenneville

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My condolences to George�s family and friends. In my early years with the Centre over a decade ago George was always there to answer questions for a beginner like myself. We will all miss him.

David Lee

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The news of Geoge's passing deeply saddened me. George was my mentor during the construction of my observatory in Duncan and came to see it twice. I rescued his observing chair and that will be a wonderful momento to put in my new observatory. I will remember George always. My condolences to his family. He will be missed.

Frank Ogonoski

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It's sad to hear, please give my condolences to his family.

Jim Cliffe

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Although I did see George at a couple of club functions I did not have the chance to know him personally. I always impress�s me to see how one persons passion for a subject can leave a permanent mark on that subject.

His spirit and legacy, it seems will remain alive and well in the people and club he touched.

Brian Robilliard, Island Eyepiece & Telescope

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I'm deeply saddened and shocked to hear about George's passing, my deepest condolences to his family.

Jennifer Bigelow

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Just a quick note to say how sorry I am to hear of the passing of George Ball. George was the very first person in the RASC I met face to face. That was at the GA in Edmonton in 1970 as I was heading to Victoria for a summer job at DAO as a student. I still recall his and Franklyn Loede's interest in me, though young, while most of the "old gang" had little interest in the new people that showed up. It made an impression on me and how I dealt with RASC members as I became involved a few years later in the Halifax Centre. I like to think that some of the profile of the Halifax Center these days is still a result of my involvement there from 1975 to 1991 -- that involvement was very definitely influenced by George!

Randall Brooks
RASC National Secretary, 1993-1996

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I was deeply saddened to here of George's Passing today. He was what I would describe as the founding father of the RASC in Victoria and the rock that bound us all to this group, he will be fondly remembered and sadly missed by all those who knew him.

Rich Willis

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Very sad to hear this news.
George was a gentleman and a true ambassador for astronomy and meant so much to so many people. Many a kind word and fond memories are spoken often by the club members who knew him.

My condolences to his family,
Li-Ann Skibo, Secretary, Victoria Centre

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Sadly, George has passed away but his memory will remain as a fine example of all that a good man can accomplish in a lifetime. He was a friend to everyone he met, a mentor and willing advisor to so many new members and someone you could always rely on for sound information and a helping hand. George's passion for astronomy spurred many on to greater heights and his creative abilities were legendary. Although he will be sorely missed his name will go down in Victoria Centre's history with all the honour he was due.

Bill Almond

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My greatest sympathy to the family and I am very glad that I knew George.

Alex Schmid

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In my short time in Victoria I never got to know George, although it was very obvious from discussions with other RASC members that he had a very strong influence on the club. My condolences go out to all of you who knew him closely.

Marc Baril


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