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Date: August 19, 2006
Time: 3'ish 'til whenever...
Place: Pearson College Observatory

Members started arriving to the annual summer picnic at Pearson College around 3pm, and some stayed late to take advantage of the superb dark skies for observing and astrophotography. There was lots of food to share, and some took advantage of the BBQ supplied by Mark Wheen (our Pearson College host). Victoria Centre's Solarmax 40 was put to good use in the afternoon, and the absolutely perfect summer weather rewarded those who stayed to observe. 

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The Observatory & twilight sky Sagittarius & Milky Way Cassiopeia

I had a great time at the Pearson College picnic. The sky viewing was fantastic - nice and dark. I was especially delighted to be able to use Bruno's big 20x80 Celestron binoculars which I used to view the Veil nebulae in Bill Weir & Mark Wheen viewing the Sun through Victoria Centre's Solarmax 40Cygnus. I could see the entire east side in those with a nice wide field. I felt it was much better than going to the Mount Kobau star party and cheaper too. There was so much food I couldn't eat it all, although I tried.

Included are some of my favorite pictures from last night. I almost gave up on photography last night as the remote shutter switch that I had just bought yesterday did not want to work. That was a bit disappointing. Overall the night
was a complete success. All images 30 sec, 1600 ISO with a Nikon D70s Tripod Mounted various focal lengths. Noise removed with Neat Image. Malcolm Scrimger

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Great report Malcolm... and many thanks for documenting and photographing this RASC Victoria Centre annual event,, Yes the skies were fantastic... I look forward to seeing Charles and Joe's images from last night... As to my modest efforts in imaging M8..well some processing still required, but I do have a few keepers... and hope to share soon..

Many Thanks to all all members who came out in support of Mark and Bill at Pearson.. It is a lovely viewing site and all should take the time to come see,, the DARKEST skies available to us,, in the Capitol Region... WOW the southern section is a joy to observe. A very special thank you.. to Sandy Barta,,, Scott Mair,, and Joe Carr... for organizing another great picnic... the food was fantastic.. the socializing and tall DARK tales..were enjoyable.. and a good time was had by all... thanks.Rasc'als.. Cheers.. Bruno Q

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