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Saskatchewan Star Party 2006

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Just thought I'd send some of the solar images I took at the Sask Star Party. All were taken with my CoolPix 4500 held on to the eyepiece. All images taken through a Coronado H-Alpha double-stacked >05A and .07A filter set. I processed it in blue to try and dig out some extra surface detail. It still doesn't do justice to the visual detail. The quality isn't the greatest but its not bad for a first feeble attempt. At some point in the future I'll be taking those images with my NexImage and hopefully the quality will improve somewhat.

The SSSP was well done. Its a great dark site. The sky detail at night is spectacular! The site is 8 acres of flat ground with a few pine trees interspersed. The viewing was great except for Saturday night, when we were clouded out by a high cloud layer. They had good lectures and a great banquet for $23.00 a head. It is officially designated a "Dark Sky Preserve" and is an integral part of the Interprovincial Park. Why can't RASC Victoria and the 'Parks Dep't' there work together like that?

I did spend a little time with John and Wendy McDonald at the SSSP. John was busy taking images as usual. He sure cleaned up on the Imaging Awards! He got at least 4 awards. By the way, in this picture I'm the shorter guy.

All in all, a great time was had by all.

Frank Ogonoski

See John's report and photos below.


Report from SSSP by John McDonald

Sep 9/06 - Wendy and I are back after a really satisfying holiday that included a stay with Jack and Alice Newton in Osoyoos, The Star Party in Cypress Hills and a stay in Canmore on the way back. I have already sent a brief report on the star party and the image of M31 that I got there. Attached are a couple more images from the Star party and I will put some more in separate messages so the e-mail can handle them. The evening started out with an amazingly clear sky but unfortunately a strong wind came up as I was imaging M51 so I did not get nearly as much exposure time on it as I would have liked. The result is not bad considering I could only use 10 light frames. John McDonald

Setting Moon at the Meadows Campground
during the SSSP

M51 - Whirlpool Galaxy at the Meadows Campground
during the SSSP

Andromeda Galaxy - Aug, 2006
This is my personal best for M31. I benefited from a very clear dark sky at the SSSP and some inspiration from Jack Newton.
Osoyoos valley
from Jack and Alice Newton's B&B. There was a lot of smoke from a fire in Washington state so the viewing was not great but it did make for lovely sunsets.

A Mounted Police Officer giving marching lessons to some new recruits at Fort Walsh. If any of you go to the next star party, Fort Walsh is a very worthwhile visit to make. A lot of fascinating history and great scenery.

Moon and Three Sisters
This is a combination of three exposures As the moon was rising and passing behind the Three Sisters mountains. I thought each sister
deserved a moon shot as it passed close by. You can see two of the
sisters on the left and center with the tip of the third peak just
visible on the right.Location: Camore, Alberta

Big Dipper
Location: Canmore, Alberta



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Last updated: December 12, 2013

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