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RASCALs Picnic 2005

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August 12, 2005

We had yet another successful and very well attended picnic at Pearson College. There was probably 20 or more people who enjoyed the view, food and company.

Mark showed off the new roll-off roof on the shed observatory and told us all that he should have success getting the Leo Van der Byl scope up and running (at long last). He's re-coated the mirror and purchased new accessories (auto-focus anyone?). Stay tuned for more information on his success.

Bruno brought the new Coronado (Solarmax 40). The sun is truly impressive in that scope and no one should turn down the opportunity to have a look at the sun through that instrument.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with the long lost and meeting the brand new. I certainly hope that those who hadn't attended the picnic will consider attending next year!

I had to leave early, but everyone else was gearing up for an evening's observing. Reports anyone?

Sandy Barta

Well, I had fun. The company was great and the weather very cooperative. Unfortunately high [cirrus cloud] made it difficult for most to get the truly fine view available from Pearson. Fortunately, for Charles and I who remained after everyone left, between 11:00 and midnight the sky became very clear and steady. I guess the clouds followed you all back to Victoria.

We traded views back and forth between his TV 85 and my 12.5" dob. Stephan's Quintet (all) and 3 out of 4 of the companions to NGC 7331 fell easily into our grasp. The Veil was gossamer and 3D. In fact despite the aperture differences my most memorable view was of the Veil through Charles' TV 85. With an OIII filter and a 35mm Panoptic the entire Veil, East and West, with hints of the Northern section fit with plenty of room to spare in the FOV.

I ended the night past 2:00AM draped across the hood of my truck tracing dark nebulas throughout the Milky Way. It was a dreamy way to end the evening.

Thanks to all who showed. It's events like this that are the reason I joined this club.

Bill Weir

Moon against the Olympic Mountains - photo by Joe Carr
The daytime view of the Moon against the Olympic Mountains was nothing short of sublime.
Mark Wheen wrestles with the 25" - photo by John McDonald
Our host Mark Wheen wrestles with the 25" Newton Nomad to give us a view of the Moon
Gentlement Picnicers - photo by John McDonald
Gentlemen picnickers: Rich Willis, Chris Gainor & Frank Ogonoski
Sid Sidhu, Joe Carr & David Griffiths - photo by John McDonald
Sid Sidhu, Joe Carr & David Griffiths recline in the meadow
Photo by Chris Gainor

Bill Almond, Bruno Quenneville, Mark Wheen, John McDonald, Joe Carr, Charles Banville, Laurie Roche, David Griffiths

Photo by Chris Gainor

Bruno Quenneville, Joe Carr (background)
David Griffiths, Alex Schmid, Bill Almond, Laurie Roche, Charles Banville (foreground)

Dusk approaches with the Moon visible - photo by John McDonald
Charles Banville & Joe Carr wait for dark, David Griffiths & Lauri Roche sort out a minor problem with Lauri's SCT while Sid looks at the Moon as dusk gives way to night
David Griffiths & Lauri Roche - photo by John McDonald
David Griffiths & Lauri Roche get Laurie's SCT aligned while Janet Almond looks on
Alex Schmid, Lauri Roche & Bruno Quennville - photo by Joe Carr
Chef Alex Schmid has a confident smile, while Lauri Roche and Bruno Quenneville share the moment
John McDonald, picnicker estrordinaire - photo by Joe Carr
John McDonald is a Victoria Centre newbie, but is a dedicated observer and astrophotographer, and obviously has a flair for picnic etiquette as well!
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Last updated: December 12, 2013

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