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Lunar Eclipse - Oct 27, 2004

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Eclipse photos & reports by our members

2004 Astro-Photography Award - Victoria Centre

What are the odds of an aircraft passing in front of an eclipsed Moon?  Well here it is!
Oct 27, 2004, 6:45pm PDT,
Several hundred people showed up at Mt. Tolmie, where I was located.  Everyone had a good time, however I was the only one with a telescope, so binoculars and cameras with zoom lenses were used for observing the eclipse.
Photo by Joe Carr
More of Joe's photos of
The Moon

Here’s a rather sooty image of the lunar eclipse rising this evening while my dinner was waiting nearby L.  Why don’t they time these eclipses better?
David Lee

The moon was just rising at 6:01 over Elk Lake and the ocean. Mount Baker is just barely visible in the mist to the right. 

Probably several dozen people viewed the eclipse from Taylor Beach in Metchosin. Mark Wheen and I set up at the end of Taylor Road to solicit the public. It was a beautiful evening with the Moon rising over the city, little fires all along the beach with people gathered around them. It was a magical view. Here's the best shot I have so far with the digital camera
Bill Weir

Thanks to all the members that came to Cattle Point for the eclipse.John Addlington;Kevin and "Di" Campbell;Blaire Pellatt;Alex Schmid; and Guy Walton. The weather couldn't have been better. There was no trace of wind. The people (approx.100-150 ?) were very polite and very appreciative.  There was a steady stream of traffic from 6 pm right through to 9 pm. The moon was the "star" of the show! It's easy to see how this event was regarded as an omen - when the very brightness of the full moon light was cast to a pallor. It was a very eerie experience.
Clearly Yours Blaire Pellatt

I was fiddling with my sister’s digital camera and my binoculars here in Edmonton on eclipse night. I finally downloaded the photos, and there’s only one I’m happy with. Here it is, my modest start in astrophotography.

Chris Gainor

Eric Schandall, Lower Manhattan, NYC


November 8, 2003 - Lunar Eclipse - a "how to" article by David Lee

October Lunar Eclipse - NASA article


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