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Eternal Egypt

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Sid Sidhu organised participation by several RASCALs in the Royal BC Museum's Eternal Egypt exhibit on July 24, 2004.  Please read his narrative below.

Egyptian Star Map

Stephen Courtin showing the Egyption night sky


Chris & Sandy

George & Sandy

Pyramid building

Sid explaining the concepts

Sid, the organiser
Photos Copyright 2004 David Lee

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Summer of 2004 - Adventures of the Victoria Centre members

Literally speaking, Astronomy is akin to Archeology. In both of these sciences we look into the past and struggle to find the future. So this summer as a part of Royal British Columbia Museum's "Pyramid Weekend Madness", a few of us had an opportunity to visit the past, a really long, long time ago - a time when the Pharaohs ruled Egypt. In our journey of investigation, we discovered a few things about ourselves:

bulletBe honest, if you don't know the subject, make things up and tell your audience that that is what you have done.
bulletDo your homework.

Early in July the Centre received a request from the Royal BC Museum for our participation in the "Pyramid Weekend Madness" July 24 - 25.

We were given the task of "If possible, having some kind of demonstration going on would be great. If you or someone else would like to give a slide show we could do that downstairs in the conference room." We did not have much time to dilly-dally. The same weekend was the Cowichan Valley Starfinder's Annual Star Party. There were many questions, i.e. will there be enough willing (without twisting their arms) volunteers? Speaker, no problem! I knew just the right person to ask. But the type of demonstration, posed a problem! So the frantic phone calls to some trusted members, who are always there when you need them. Blair, who was the inspiration "don't give me the details, just do it, don't care what you do, I will be there". To start things rolling I had a brain storming session with Stephen Courtin to narrow the choices of what type of demonstrations we could prepare in such a short time. Finally the participation included:

bulletDemonstration of the techniques used of aligning the Pyramids to the true North and hands-on activities that the Museum patrons could use to build their own Pyramid, so that their souls will go to an eternal place in the cosmos. The RASC volunteers who had participated have already got their reservations.
bulletProcession of the Poles.
bulletChris Gainer's slide presentations "The History of Mars Exploration"

Chris's presentation was complimented by Michael Shepard's presentations of the "Heavens of the Pharaohs"

As can be seen from the pictures David had taken, we all had lots of fun, especially George who arrived in period costume, and learned a lot exploring the mind of the chief architects of the Pyramids and pretending to be the workers who bear the toll of hard work. My appreciation goes to Stephen Courtin, Sandy Barta, Blair Pellat, David Lee, Brenda Stuart, George Gibson, Frank Jones, Don Dundee, and Chris Gainer for their time and effort to make the event enjoyable. As mentioned before their place is reserved.



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Last updated: December 12, 2013

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