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June 2003

Chris Gainor

While spring this year has not always provided us the clear skies we would like to have, we certainly got the weather we wanted on May 10, Astronomy Day.

Sunny skies drew many visitors to our telescopes in front of the Royal B.C. Museum that day to get a glimpse of the Sun, and many people enjoyed the excellent displays and speakers we had inside the museum. A good number of people made it up Little Saanich Mountain that evening to look at the Moon, Jupiter and various faint fuzzies. My thanks to Sid Sidhu, Sandy Barta and all the volunteers who made this year�s Astronomy Day another big success.

Now that summer is upon us, we have many observing opportunities to look forward to in the coming weeks. Mars will be closer to Earth in August than it ever will be in our lifetimes. So get out there and check out Mars� inscrutable faces for yourself.

I am looking forward to Friday and Saturday evenings up at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory helping the Centre of the Universe people spread the good word about astronomy. These evenings are also great for checking out other telescopes and getting good observing tips from fellow RASCals.

At the end of June, the General Assembly of the national RASC takes place in Vancouver, and I hope to see many people from Victoria there. This GA will be a great opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones from across Canada.

On the last weekend in July, our good friends at the Cowichan Valley Starfinders will host their annual Star Party at the Victoria Fish and Game Association near the Malahat Summit. This star party means more than good observing, There are also good speakers, good friends, good food and good times. Don�t miss it.

Our centre will have a summertime gathering on August 9, our annual picnic at the Pearson College observatory. The Victoria Centre Star Party will take place just before the autumnal equinox, the weekend of September 20 at the Victoria Fish and Game Association. Both these events are great fun, too.

There are all sorts of great opportunities for every one of us to get out and enjoy the summer and enjoy our hobby. I hope to see you all at one or more of these activities. Even if you find it difficult to escape the comforts of your armchair as I do, I can assure you that every one of these events fully pays back the effort of getting out in enjoyment and good memories.

And don�t forget all those other nights where the skies will open up for our enjoyment. Get out your binoculars and your scopes, and enjoy the wonders of the universe!

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