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Eclipse '99 In Romania

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The following text is from an observation log written by a student during the August eclipse in Europe. The observations took place in a cornfield in Romania. I apologize for any inaccuracies there may be in the translation from handwriting. I have also included the log itself along with photographs taken by Jean Godin.- David Lee

Eclipse '99 Log - Maria B.


Click on the thumbnails to see larger views of the observation log

Early arrival (about 8:00). We found a good place for installing all the stuff for the eclipse. Jean discovered a very common transport. I called this discovery (some kind of cart with horses = "caruta") the FIRST CONTACT! I also found out that the weeds are beautiful in Roumania! Jean had another 1st contact with the "mititei" or "mici", a delight made out of pork meat. (I wonder if he made a wish, 'cause it was the first time to eat "mititei".)

A few minutes till the eclipse (12:37:30), IT'S STARTED (12:43)

Picture of the horizon:

1st picture: 12:55 (1st contact)

2nd picture: 13:20

3rd picture: 13:39

4th picture: 13:48 (less and less)

5th picture: 14:07 (TOTALITY)

We're eating melons under the sun ... or what's left of it. I think the moon is also eating the sun because she thought it was a melon! ... At this time (13:33) it's starting to get darker. A few rebel clouds are threatening us. I hope they won't spoil these incredible moments! It's getting a bit cooler too.

In 15-20 or 25 minutes it's going to reach totality. The birds aren't singing anymore. Now it's 13:40. The clouds are getting closer!!! GET AWAY!!!

There's something wierd about Christina's camera. The moon is covering less of the sun than in reality. At 13:46, the clouds covered what's left of the sun. I hope they'll pass before totality.

The moment of the totality was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

I could see Venus and the pink chromasphere and the diamond rings; it was gorgeous. I can't describe the feeling. Unfortunately, Christina's camera stopped when the diamond rings appeared. She is kind of upset.

I hunted for a few minutes the shadow, I'm not sure if I caught it; but everything happened so quick ... I really , really hope I'll get to see the eclipse in 2081. I'll be 97 years old. But with the new technology, who knows ...

These are some moments none of us will ever forget, I'm positive.

Unfortunately, besides Christina's camera, mine too ran out of pictures, so there will be less with the final phases of the eclipse.

A beautiful bird thinks it's "sunrise" (by Jean). I think it's a stupid little bird. But what does she know ...

We all took a lot of pictures, and I wonder how many will come out well. Now it's 14:45 and the sun looks like this: (see original log for picture).

Everything will get back to normal soon. If there is any normal life on this planet!

It's 15:29 and the next time we'll see such an incredible show, will be in about 83 years!

But I tell you, man, all the sweat and heat and dirt and thirst were all worth it! What I wouldn't give to see another of these nature delights again! And when you think that it's just an astronomic phenomena, something so simple, yet so fascinating! OK, OK, stop the sentimentalism! It was just an eclipse! It happens every 2-3 years, it's nothing evil, nothing paranormal, so let's get back to reality!

Eclipse Photographs from Romania

Photographs were taken by Jean Godin with Nikon F801 and Meade ETX. Slide film of ISO 200 was used.



Click on eclipse images for larger views


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Last updated: December 12, 2013

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